Anmäl dig idag till GMO-FRI KONFERENS 2015 i Berlin

Nu kan du anmäla dig till GMO-FREE 2015 konferens.

GMO Free Europe – Future Opportunities and Challenges
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GMO-FREE Europe Conference 2015
Future Opportunities and Challenges
Berlin, May 6 – 8 2015

Ten years after our first conference in Berlin we proudly invite you to the 8th European Conference of GMO-Free Regions, jointly organised with the Network of GMO-Free Regional Governments, Danube Soya and the ENSSER science network. Please join us and register now!

Reservera datumet: 6-8 maj 2015 – GMO FRI KONFERENS

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GMO Free Europe – Future Opportunities and Challenges

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Save the Date: GMO Free Regions Conference, 6-8.05.2015 in Berlin

Dear Friends!

Before a well-deserved Christmas’ and New Year’s break, we would like to share some good news with you and cordially invite you to save the date of 6 – 8 May 2015 for a big, big meeting of the European GMO Free Regions and their friends around the world!

Ten years after the first GMO Free Regions conference we will gather again in Berlin to celebrate a successful decade of the anti-GMO movement and to discuss the challenges ahead!

For the first time, we will jointly organize this conference with the Network of GMO-free Regional Governments and the Danube GMO-free Soya Association. The program is not yet carved in stone and you are welcome to contribute with suggestions for workshops and topics.

We look forward to meeting you again for work, shared stories and celebrations. Feel free to share this announcement with those you believe should be part of our meeting and to link to our website, including the latest GMO news and conference updates.

With the best of our seasonal greetings we hope to see you in May in Berlin!


Benny, Irmina, Akiko